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This site was originally designed as a semi-public journal to facilitate a dialog with a small group of techies, researchers, and community activists. The site is currently down while we prep for the launch of a new organizing initiative, which will be kicked off by the publication of a report. For a feel of where we’re headed next, below is a draft blurb about the upcoming report, due out in late April.


[Report: Solution to Robot/AI Jobs Threat Lies in Our Past]

According to Makers All new report, to overcome the robot/AI jobs threat and revitalize communities from Compton to Appalachia, we must train many people in every community to become emerging tech coders. How? By taking a page from Cooperative Extension Services and:

  • Smooth the Coding Learning Curve via community-oriented coding UX
  • Develop an Ecosystem of Community-Oriented Support
  • Combine Tech and Civic Engagement Training

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Between 2025 and 2040, robots, AI, and other forms of automation may end up eliminating 30% to 70% of all jobs. Makers All is a framework for confronting this potential catastrophe and turn it into an opportunity to build a more just and abundant world for all.

And if it turns out that robots and AI don’t threaten most jobs until far further in the future or never do? Makers All will still pay off politically and economically, helping to ensure that as robotics and AI become ubiquitous, communities from Harlem to Harlan County benefit.

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