Communities Shaping Their Destinies By Transforming Emerging Tech

Report: Solution to Robot/AI Jobs Threat Lies in Our Past

How can we overcome the robot/AI jobs threat and revitalize communities from Harlem to Harlan County? According to Makers All’s new report, by helping communities to transform robotics/AI and other emerging tech so as many people in every community can become developers or designers. To do that, we should take a page from the agricultural program called Extension Services and:

  • Smooth the Coding Learning Curve via community-oriented coding UX
  • Develop an Ecosystem of Community-Oriented Support
  • Combine Tech and Civic Engagement Training

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As our society obsesses over whether robots and AI will put millions of people out of work, we’re missing out on a once-in-a-century opportunity.

In the next 20 years, not only robots and AI but also augmented and virtual reality, digital fabrication, and other emerging tech will create an abundance of wealth. If we can give communities from Harlem to Harlan County the power and the knowledge to shape this technology and the impact it has on them, we can create an economy that works for all. That’s the goal of Makers All.

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