Announcing Makers All 2.0

Finally, the new version of Makers All is up and running! Originally, the project was focused on how to respond to the impact AI and robots may have on jobs. What I eventually realized is that this scope was too broad. For example:

  • I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in arguments over proposals like Universal Basic Income, which could provide a piece of the puzzle but aren’t comprehensive enough to tackle the problem
  • There are other pieces of the puzzle that other folks are far better equipped to take on. For example, this week Mary Gray and Siddharth Suri published an extremely important book called Ghost Work, which is a brilliant ethnography & analysis of all the low paid work that goes into AI and the “last mile automation” problem
  • Focusing just on robots and AI instead of all of emerging tech increasing felt too limiting

So, a pivot to 2.0. Makers All is now focused on the question, how do we help communities from Harlem to Harlan County, who our society has basically written off, grab a large enough piece of the wealth emerging tech will generate in the coming decades so they can use that wealth to help revitalize their communities?

I’ve written a report about this new strategy. It’s available as either a PDF or a website called the Toolkit, which is designed to be easier to skim. As the Makers All project grows, I hope to use the Toolkit as a repository of links, articles, etc on everything we learn about turning this new vision into reality.

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